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AERASGARD® ACO2-SD-TYR2 / ATM-CO2-SD-TYR2 On-wall CO2 sensor

Saves your energy, increases your comfort.

The maintenance-free and microprocessor-controlled AERASGARD® ACO2-SD-TYR2 and AERASGARD® ATM-CO2-SD-TYR2, which are both suitable for on-wall installation, reliably detect CO2 content and gas temperature. The measurement signals are converted into standard signals of 0–10 V.

The CO2 content of the air is detected by an optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology with dual-beam measuring system and automatic calibration). The detection range of the CO2 sensor is calibrated for standard applications such as monitoring residential rooms and conference rooms. As a result, the CO2 detectors by AERASGARD® help deliver increased well-being, improved comfort and lower operating costs through energy savings.

A measuring system based on NDIR for CO2 measurement consists of a light source and a receptor. The CO2 molecules absorb a certain wavelength range of the light radiated by the source. The receptor detects this damping.