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Ceiling built-in motion, light intensity and temperature sensor KINASGARD® DBWF / LF / FTF

The ceiling-installed sensor KINASGARD® DBWF ⁄ LF ⁄ FTF is used to detect persons within a distance of up to 10 meters, luminous intensity or brightness, relative humidity and temperature. It is used for installation in suspended ceilings. The sensor detects motion over an aperture angle of 110° and a perimeter of 360°.

For the temperature and humidity, an analogue output 0 - 10 V or 4...20 mA corresponding to 0...+50 °C or 0...100 % r. H. is available. Deviations due to the mounting position and location can be compensated internally using one offset regulator respectively.

For luminous intensity or brightness of 0...1000 lux or 0...5000 lux (selectable via DIP switches), an analogue output 0...10 V is also available. It is also possible to activate the motion output depending on brightness with the help of a jumper.

Fields of application for the KINASGARD® DBWF ⁄ LF ⁄ FTF include residential room monitoring, automatic switching of lights, control technology, alarm technology, and motion-dependent control of room functions, e. g. for lowering the temperature in unused rooms.

Mounting in 3 m height equals a detection radius of ca. 3,4 m!