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PREMASGARD® 7110 pressure and differential pressure measuring transducer

Record even the slightest pressure without any problems – with the PREMASGARD® 7110

Fewer types, greater range of applications: The calibratable PREMASGARD® 7110 compact pressure sensors (series) are equipped with eight switchable measuring ranges and equipped with optional display (eight devices in one) and are used to measure above-atmospheric, below-atmospheric, or differential pressures in air.

The piezoresistive measuring element is temperature-compensated and guarantees a high degree of reliability and precision. The pressure transmitters feature a pushbutton for manual zero point calibration or an automatic zero point calibration function as well as an adjustable offset.

Applications of these pressure sensors are in clean room, medical and filter technology, in ventilation and air conditioning ducts, in spray booths, in large-scale catering facilities, for monitoring filters, for level measurement or for triggering frequency converters.